How does the Today’s Bosnian Version Bible help readers out of depression ?

If anyone wants to be rid of depression, he must follow God to the desert of life – out of bondage of this world, in order to learn once for all what is in his heart. Then ask God to raise the brazen serpent, so these spiritual wounds finally get healed and depression gone. Forever.

Moses sacrificed his entire life to make things work for his people. And Moses doesn’t fight back in flesh. He goes back to God and asks for help. God answers by sending “fiery serpents” among the complainers, who die of their bites while at the same time raising the bronze symbol of serpent, which heals those, who want to look at it! These symbols sound esoteric for our modern age, but very instructive of modern problems like clinical depression, for example. Let me explain the Hebrew word translated as “fiery serpent”.

Hebrew for serpent is “nahash”. This term is used as standalone word in Genesis when “serpent spoke to the woman”. However the serpents sent to complainers in the book of Numbers are different: they are “nahashim seraphim”. This “seraphim” word means the heavenly beings so what text is talking about is the “snakes from spiritual realm”. No doubt Israelites were bitten by physical snakes. However their complaining is the result of being bitten by spiritual snakes. And that gives totally new dimension to the whole affair in the desert. Google search for “spiritual snakes” results in Nigerian exorcism videos, Minoan “snake goddesses” and snake birth totems. So, the bite of spiritual snake results in complaining! And these bites must be healed before any serious battle is to be undertaken. That gives meaning to the detour around Edom for what would happen to the Israelites if the complaining began in the heat of battle ? They would lose their lives.

Reading God’s word in modern contemporary language

So is with us – God’s people fighting the evil spirit of depression: in order to win the battle we are to read what the Lord has to say about our struggles. Then let Him lead us out of it, whatever it takes.

About Today’s Bosnian Version Bible

1. Reader-driven
2.Reads without fatigue


The TBV is a modern translation of the Holy Bible into Bosnian using original language sources of Hebrew and Greek and localized weights and measures. Our vision is to see the readers of our translation be restored to righteousness. Our mission is to serve two groups of people: the retired and the teenagers, who represent the most neglected groups in terms of Bible knowledge opportunity in accepting the good news of God’s plan for their life.

The Today’s Bosnian Version Bible translation is developed having easy reading in mind.

1. The TBV is designed as reader-driven translation.
2. You can read passages of entire Bible books without fatigue.
3. Sensitive translation and proofreading are only added to the careful choice of verb tenses, whose mixture adds to removal of boredom factor.

You don’t need an interpreter.


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