What’s under the hood of Today’s Bosnian Version Bible ?

A text that has been proofread twice manually before publishing, with localized weights and measures, thoroughly researched cultural context and modern language rendering of demanding Bible passages. These and other translation refinements all add up to a smooth reading without obstacles, cost $ 20 and never have the reader get stuck in complex words and measures of ancient languages.

The reading obstacles are removed: cubits are turned into centimeters and denars and shekels into convertible marks. In this way the reading of entire passages is smooth and uninterrupted by difficult terms of ancient languages. The scripture text translated in this way gets passed on to the first proofreader who checks for errors in semantics. The TBV team refused to have the translated text spell-checked by the computer since the machine can’t find if a word is omitted or unnecessarily repeated in the sentence. After rendering the meaning in semantically correct translation, the text is then sent to second proofreader, who checks spelling by reading the text and correcting the errors by hand. After being thoroughly understood, translated and proofread, the TBV text ends at the desk of the approving officer who gives it a final glance before publishing.

What makes the TBV stand out from other Bosnian Bible translations ? “There are really no shortcuts about it – it is merely patient attention to finding today’s meaning of each and every Bible verse”, says the eminent TBV proofreader. One of the most remarkable example of this attention to detail can be found in the translation of the most misunderstood passage in the New Testament.

Salt of the earth

The salt of the earth, which means practically nothing in today’s language of information age, has an explanation which is rooted in the simple cooking habits in times of Jesus. Today’s Bosnian Version Bible translation team has spent time in researching today’s meaning of the verse and has come to an amazing discovery. Manure was the primary heating device used for cooking in Israel since woods were scarce. And it was a common knowledge that if mixed with salt, it lasted longer in the oven. Now this same Jesus uses the example of mixing salt with the manure to explain very important point to his disciples: you are to mix with the junk of this world and by the salt of your faith, make the new believers endure in their troubles. And if salt loses its saltiness – simply means if faith of disciples wanes – they are going to be thrown out as completely useless, not good even for mixing with the manure.

1. Reader-driven
2.Reads without fatigue


First and foremost, the TBV is most comfortable of Bible translations into Bosnian. You can go through the text at very high speeds with the feeling of uninterrupted word of God. The two versions: one for Android phones and another for web subscription give you flexibility of reading under all circumstances and within simple payment plans.

The Today’s Bosnian Version Bible translation is developed having easy reading in mind. If your teenager faces obstacle after obstacle while reading classic Bosnian Bible translations, then shekels, minas and gerahs, measures of time and money in ancient times of the Bible will impede his or her spiritual growth:

1. The TBV is designed as reader-driven translation.
2. You can read passages of entire Bible books without fatigue.
3. Sensitive translation and proofreading are only added to the careful choice of verb tenses, whose mixture adds to removal of boredom factor.

You don’t need an interpreter.

1. The raw Bible verse in Hebrew is first given to the “aha” concept of translator.
2.The translation is made entirely by understanding the meaning of culturally demanding sets of Bible verses.
3. The rough edges of literal translation are smoothed by finding the equivalents in today’s Bosnian language.


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